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East Africa countries have decided to end DR.Congo wars and chaos by inviting it into EAC.

East Africa countries have decided to end DR.Congo wars and chaos by inviting it into EAC.

DR. Congo the second largest country in Africa by land size has been for the last decades fighting especially in the Eastern region which borders countries like Rwanda, Burundi and Uganda.

Last year in a rare show of cooperation, Uganda’s president Y.K.Museveni and Rwanda’s president Paul Kagame reached a deal to start the construction of roads into East DR. Congo that will help facilitate trade among the three countries.

If you observe clearly, you will see that no country in East African community is experiencing any war and this stable security environment was reached by the forming joint security operations among East African countries.

Even South Sudan which was deeply divided a long tribal lines which frequently erupted in to in fightings and civil wars ended with intervenation of East African leaders with cooperation from International community, South Sudan now is experiencing little bit of peace and stable security like other East Africa countries unlike DR. Congo where in fighting has intensified especially in eastern part of the country.

But of course the invitation of DR. Congo into EAC is also more about trade, DR. Congo has a population of more than 100 million people which provides a big market for products produced in East African countries.

DR. Congo also is rich in raw materials that could be used to produce products in East African countries like hard timber, gold, sliver, iron ore, farm produce and more other minerals.

This will also increase connectivity and people to people exchanges hence enhancing peace, development and stability in the region and on Africa continent.

This will also reduce over dependency on Mombasa port in Kenya by countries like Burundi, Rwanda and Uganda for imports and exports.

This will also help East African countries to reduce dependency on foreign markets for exports of goods and services.

It will also help increase connectivity between East African countries with West African nations hence increased trade and integration


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