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The first electrified railway in SW. China Tibet goes into operation.

The first electrified railway in SW. China Tibet goes into operation.

The railway line went into operation on Friday and is the first high speed railway in Tibet autonomous region of China.

The train with speed of 160km/hr will run or link the regional capital city Lhasa with the city of Nyingchi.

The railway line runs through plateau region with the train run 90% above 3000 m above sea level and is 435 km long.

The line is expected to increase connectivity in China especially South West China and also increase business and tourism by faciliting fast movements of people and their goods.

The railway line will also be strategic asset to China in terms of defence since it runs 16 km close to contested China-India border giving China an upper hand in quick forward deployed of troops in case of emergency at the border.

China after watching carefully how better infrastructure helped Western countries to become rich, Chinese leaders decided to invest heavily in infrastructure by constructing the largest high speed railway lines a cross the country and super high ways which have facilitated trade and development in the country and those new infrastructure will facilitate trade for more 150 years to come which will help make China an economic super power.


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