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France to withdraw its troops from Sahel region after being accused of killing more civilians than initially reported

France to withdraw its troops from Sahel region after being accused of killing more civilians than initially reported

France to withdraw its troops from Sahel region ending 7years of deployment after being accused of killing more civilians than previously reported according to UN.

France deployed its military in Sahel region after the fall of Gaddafi in order to prevent more weapons which initially belonged to Gaddafi military from falling into wrong hands and also fight many different jihad groups which were formed in the Sahel region as a result of Libya civil war.

France military were deployed in 2014 as a number of jihadists increased threatening countries like Mali, Niger, Mauritania, Burkinafaso and Chad.

France says that some troops will be left behind to help train local military and also wait for other International forces to arrive in the region which are meant to continue providing security.

Although french military has left, it has failed to accomplish the goals in Sahel region of pushing back or defeating militants, gaining any ground and influence.

French military has instead left a more dangerous, chaotic situation after the deployment of 5000 troops and 7 years of fighting. The security situation in the region is dare and governments like that of Mali are becoming weak due to infighting and coup.

No progress has been reported in the region like in Mali, jihadists still control large area of the country and the situation remains tense in the region.

People are very much divided over French troops withdrawing from the region because although some want French troops to stay and cooperate with other militaries in the region, other people think French troops should withdraw accusing French troops of making their daily life miserable and increased every day suffering.

French troops also face accusations of killing more than 22 people including 19 civilians who were attending the party few weeks ago according UN reports.

Lack of transparency by French military is also making investigation into many reported incidents where civilians were killed more difficult.

Sahel region is more than 5million sq km area and that has become a headache for French troops to exert full control.

Sahel region is one of the richest region when it comes to natural resources like oil, gold and uranium but its still among the poorest regions in the world due insecurity, weak governments, and poor technology to help in extraction of those resources.


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