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President Xi Jinping of China and President Putin of Russia held a summit sending a clear message to Joe Biden

President Xi Jinping of China and President Putin of Russia held a summit sending a clear message to Joe Biden

Although both Russia and China deny forming an alliance against United States, its clear in the message that they will no longer accept US hegemony in the world and rules based order as advocated by US-led Western countries.

In their latest virtual summit held between president Xi Jinping of China and President Putin of Russia, they stressed need to follow and respect International law not rules put by few circles of countries.

“Some countries use ideology to draw lines, brutally interfere in internal affairs of sovereign countries, impose unilateral sanctions at every turn, shake legal foundation of the international relations system, including the arms control field” they said in a statement.

The more turbulent the world, the more its necessary for China and Russia to strengthen strategic cooperation.

Both sides needed to strengthen coordination and cooperation on political, security, military,economic, energy and technology, defend common interests on the international stage and continue to practice true multi-lateralism to maintain the balance of international power.

Russia needs a prosperous and stable China and China wants a strong and successful Russia.

China and Russia regard each other as priority partners, this not the usual talk we are used to hearing from both sides and this priority partners talk to new relationship to another level.

Xi Jinping and Putin summit renewed a 2001 treaty of good neighborliness and friendly cooperation in which both sides agreed to set aside their border dispute and to not claim disputed territories.

Russia and China have decided to challenge and shake Western democracies, absolute authority and legitimacy over International norms.

The most feared scenario by the US and its allies is the joint development of Hi-Tech weapons by both Russia and China and also increase their Long range joint military drills especially Long range naval, air Force exercises and petrol.

The world is slowly by slowly sliding into blocks one led by US and its Western allies and China-Russia led countries.

Its certain that this decade will be a very complicated increased tensions between US led Western countries and China-Russia led countries.


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