Tesla Aims More Urban Superchargers in Europe to Facilitate Production

Tesla has deployed a new urban Supercharger V3 in Berlin and pledges to deploy more urban Supercharger stations in Europe to support development.
At first, the Supercharger network of Tesla aimed to allow long-distance travel between major urban areas through the strategic placement of the charging station along major highways.
But when Tesla began to introduce cheaper cars, more apartment residents who don’t generally have access to home charging started buying their cars and now the automaker is trying to offer more charging options for daily charging in cities. It released its latest Urban Superchargers in 2017 to tackle the problem.
In the heart of Berlin today Tesla opened a new Supercharger V3 to help local owners:

Jeroen van Tilburg, the manager in charge of charging infrastructure in Europe for Tesla, commented at the event:
“Now, as part of our commitment to make Tesla ownership easy and convenient for everyone including those without immediate access to home or workplace charging, we are expanding out supercharging network into city centers.”
The new Supercharger station resides on the EUREF Campus near the tower of Gasometer Schöneberg where Tesla was rumored to be locating its European design center in Tesla.
With the start of Model Y development at GIgafactory Berlin, Tesla’s fleet in Europe is expected to expand rapidly from next year.
The automaker also brings local production of Model 3, which should result in lower prices than imported California-made vehicles.
Tesla currently has 1,971 Supercharger stations around the world and 17,467 Superchargers.

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