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Chinese Police Arrest Suspect Responsible For Stabbing 4 Americans In China

The Chinese police on Tuesday arrested the suspect responsible for the stabbing of four American teachers in China. The assailant stabbed the college teachers at a public park in northeast…

Chinese Police Arrest Suspect Responsible For Stabbing 4 Americans In China

The Chinese police on Tuesday arrested the suspect responsible for the stabbing of four American…

Multiple Shots In Peachtree Center Mall Attack In Atlanta, Georgia

Numerous law enforcement officers are on the scene after multiple people were shot at the…

White House Expressed Deep Concern As 4 American Nationals Stabbed In China

The White House on Tuesday expressed deep concern as four U.S. nationals working as teachers…

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Who Is Blord: Africa’s Bitcoin Lord and Trailblazing Entrepreneur

Linus William Ifejika, widely known as Blord or Bitcoin Lord, has become a towering figure…

Ademola Lookman: From Charlton to Atalanta in Nigerian Football Dream

Ademola Olajade Alade Aylola Lookman, the 26-year-old Nigerian winger, has carved a niche for himself…

Who is Mohammad Mokhber, Iran’s Interim President?

Mohammad Mokhber was born on June 26, 1955, in the city of Dezful, located in…

Who is Iran’s President Ebrahim Raisi?

Ebrahim Raisi, born on December 14, 1960, in the Noghan district of Mashhad, Iran, has…


How Nigerian Striker Victor Osimhen Became Napoli’s Hero and World Football’s Hottest Prospect

Victor Osimhen, the Nigerian footballer, has become a hero in the port city of Naples by bringing the team to the brink of their first Serie A title since 1990.…

By Sophia Dimitrov 3 Min Read

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Apple Shares Soar To Record High After Unveiling New AI Software

Apple company shares peaked at a new record high on Tuesday after the company unveiled new AI features for their…

Apple Shares Soar To Record High After Unveiling New AI Software

Apple company shares peaked at a new record high on Tuesday after the company unveiled…

Elon Musk Drops Lawsuit Against OpenAI and Co-Founders Sam Altman

Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk has decided to withdraw his lawsuit against OpenAI and its co-founders,…

South Africa’s Democratic Alliance Retains Control in Western Cape Province

The Democratic Alliance, South Africa's primary opposition, maintained its majority in the Western Cape province,…

US Forgives Ukraine’s Actions Due to Anti-Russia Stance, Says Lavrov

According to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, the United States has been lenient towards Ukraine…

Ukraine Repels Russian Armored Attack in Kharkiv Region

Russian forces attempted to breach the northeastern border of Ukraine's Kharkiv region. The attack, which involved armoured vehicles, aimed to…

The New World Order is Here, and It’s a Threat to America

We stand at a pivotal juncture in history. The era of American unipolar dominance is waning, giving way to a…

China Could Invade Taiwan in One Hour Without the U.S. Knowing

Military experts are sounding the alarm about a potential Chinese reunification with Taiwan through force. According to a prominent analyst,…

Speculation Grows Over Cause of Iran Helicopter Crash Amid Tensions with Israel

Earlier today, the shocking news of the Iran helicopter crash involving Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi and several top government officials…

Time for U.S. to Rethink Its Strategy with China, Less it Falls Behind: Race for Innovation

U.S. and Chinese tech giants find themselves at the center of a high-stakes tango in the race for innovation in…

Berkshire Hathaway Shares Plunge 99% Amid Technical Glitch

Warren Buffett's investment giant, Berkshire Hathaway Inc., faced a staggering 99% drop in share value during the initial moments of trading on Wall Street. The financial world watched in shock…

By Nasiru Abdulrasheed 1 Min Read

Andrew Tate is Filthy Rich, But Not a Billionaire

Andrew Tate, the British-American kickboxer, social media personality, and entrepreneur, has long been a subject of fascination and debate. His…

How Elon Musk Became the World’s Richest Man

Billionaires are usually known for starting something that led to the majority of their wealth. But the story is different…

Lawrence Stroll’s Billion-Dollar Formula: from Racing to Fashion Empires

Lawrence Stroll, a prominent figure in the world of motorsports and luxury fashion, has made a name for himself as…

Meet The Third Richest Man In The World, Gautam Adani Of India

Indian business mogul, Gautam Adani of the Adani Conglomerate has become the newest and first person from Asia to be…

How Larry Page Makes And Spends His $111 Billion Dollars

 Larry Page, a name that resonates with innovation, technology, and entrepreneurial success. Page, the co-founder of Google, is a towering…


Clash Of The Billionaires: Mukesh Ambani And Gautam Adani — Asia’s Richest Men Face Off

For years, two business titans have been locked in a battle for supremacy in India: Mukesh Ambani and Gautam Adani.

By Nasiru Abdulrasheed 4 Min Read


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Court Sets June 26 to Hear Suit Seeking Ganduje’s Removal as APC Chairman

APC National Chairman Abdullahi Umar Ganduje faces a lawsuit seeking his removal, with the Federal High Court in Abuja scheduling a hearing for June. Justice Inyang Ekwo set the date…

Nasiru Ibrahim By Nasiru Ibrahim

South African Rand Depreciates as Unity Government Talks Continue

The South African rand depreciated on Thursday as talks to form a government of national unity persisted. By 3:35 PM GMT, it was trading at 18.4150 against the dollar, marking…

Nasiru Ibrahim By Nasiru Ibrahim

South African Parties Engage in Critical Discussions to Decide Future Government

The African National Congress (ANC) held last-minute talks with other parties on Thursday to finalize a deal on who will be included in South Africa's next government, just ahead of…

Nasiru Ibrahim By Nasiru Ibrahim

Brazil’s President Lula highlights democracy risks amidst far-right wins in EU elections

President of Brazil Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva voiced concern on Thursday about the threat to democracy, citing the recent wins of far-right parties in the European Parliament after last…

Nasiru Ibrahim By Nasiru Ibrahim

Germany Warns of Possible Islamist Threat Ahead of Euro 2024 Tournament

Germany hosted police officers from various European countries on Thursday to enhance security measures for the Euro 2024 soccer tournament. Interior Minister Nancy Faeser assured vigilance on the eve of…

Nasiru Ibrahim By Nasiru Ibrahim

Zelenskyy Announces Ukraine to Sign Security Agreements with US, Japan at G7

President Zelenskyy announced on Thursday that Ukraine would finalize security agreements with the US and Japan during the ongoing 50th G7 summit in Italy. “At the NATO Summit in Vilnius…

Nasiru Ibrahim By Nasiru Ibrahim

The UK Labour Party’s manifesto commits to economic reform and growth as core election promises

The Labour Party has unveiled its manifesto for the upcoming July 4 general election in Britain. It pledges to rejuvenate the economy through a series of reforms upon assuming office.…

Nasiru Ibrahim By Nasiru Ibrahim

Armenia Summons Ambassador From Belarus Over Political Turmoil

Armenia has recalled its ambassador from Belarus for consultation amid political turmoil between both countries. This was confirmed by the Armenia foreign ministry spokesperson Ani Badalyan in a statement made…

Umar Faruq Tajudeen By Umar Faruq Tajudeen

Russia To Strengthen Bilateral Cooperation With North Korea, Kremlin

Russia has announced its intention to continue maintaining diplomatic ties with North Korea amid Western criticism. This was confirmed in a statement released by the Kremlin spokesperson, Dmitry Peskov on…

Umar Faruq Tajudeen By Umar Faruq Tajudeen

Pedro Sánchez Revealed Turkey And Spain’s Urgent Need For Gaza Ceasefire

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez on Thursday revealed the urgent need of both Turkey and Spain to achieve an immediate ceasefire in Gaza. Spain who joined South Africa in the…

Umar Faruq Tajudeen By Umar Faruq Tajudeen
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In the vast landscape of online advertising networks, has emerged as a controversial player. Promising lucrative revenue for publishers,…

How to Invest in Artificial Intelligence

Do you want to know how to invest in artificial intelligence in 2024? You've come to the right place. Artificial…

Aiper: Revolutionizing Pool Cleaning with Innovation and Care

Aiper's journey began with a heartfelt story of a father's love for his son. In the summer of 2017, Jason,… Review: Empowering Financial Solutions for Americans

In the realm of online lending, stands out as a beacon of hope for individuals navigating the complexities of…