Elon Musk Says There will be a lot of jobs on Mars Once Humans Arrive

Elon Musk Says There Will Be a Lot of Jobs on Mars Once Humans Arrive

In a tweetstorm on Thursday evening, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk revealed new information about his plans to colonize Mars.

Musk tweeted that 1,000 Starships will potentially deliver “maybe around 100k people per Earth-Mars orbital sync,” “That is the objective,” he noted.

Musk foresees these ships leaving Earth orbit over a 30-day cycle, every 26 months, the duration of time when Earth and Mars are ideally matched to allow the journey.

Musk replied with a quick “yes” when a Twitter user asked him if that would equate to one million inhabitants on Mars by 2050.

It is a nice thought exercise, and SpaceX has its job cut out to realize Musk’s optimistic vision.

According to Musk, to build a human colony on a faraway world, you’ll need an insane amount of cargo capacity.

“Megatons are needed to orbit each year so that life can become multi-planetary,” he tweeted.

Musk predicted that each Starship could deliver more than 100 tons per voyage, suggesting that every ten ships could “deliver one megaton per year to orbit.”

And that there will be much to do once humans arrive on Mars. “There will be a lot of jobs on Mars!” Tweeted Musk.


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