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Museveni The President of Uganda Warns that Cheating is Treason

I Will Go If a Useful Person Comes Says President Y.K Museveni of Uganda
Y.K Museveni. Photo Credit: Getty Image

Museveni warned that cheating is treason,” when you use violence to intimidate the voters to elect you into power, you will be charged with treason and this may render democracy null and void as he asked everyone not to try and cheat.”

He also affirmed the country that security forces have been deployed to provide security to all Ugandans and nobody will be allowed to threaten other people with violence, he asked people to get out and vote.

Ugandan police together with the army urged Ugandans to get to the polling stations, vote, and go back home to wait for the final results which according to the government will only be announced by Uganda’s independent electoral commission.

Many people are moving from big towns to villages as they fear that violence may erupt after elections. Fear has increased recently after more than 54 people were killed last year during a protest in Kampala the capital city of Uganda and other parts of the country after presidential candidates for national Unity platform Robert Kyaguranyi was arrested in Ruka district.


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