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Defiant EndSars Protesters Refuse to Back Down, Despite Government Promises

The EndSARS protests continued on Monday in various parts of the country, with many young people from unimaginable regions joining in.

Nigerians have been on the streets around the country for many days now, calling for a reform of the Nigerian Police Force as a whole and an end to the Special Anti-Robbery Squad.

The protesters are also seeking the unconditional release of all the demonstrators arrested, the prosecution of the misbehaving officers, and the compensation of the families of the victims of police brutality in the country.

The Nigerian government, however, agreed to the demand of the demonstrators, and has in effect dissolved SARS with the intention of eventually meeting other demands. But, as the scale continued to rise, the demonstrations did not take hold.

The Lagos-Ibadan Expressway was also occupied by protestors, with a canopy pitched in front of PUNCH Spot, Punch Nigeria Limited’s corporate headquarters in Magboro, Ogun State.

Lagos, the country’s coronavirus hot spot that recently reopened schools and economic activities have also been sent back to closure by the protests.

According to Estarnaija, The Head of Public Affairs, Ministry of Education, Kayode Abayomi, declared the immediate closure of all schools in the state following the ongoing End SARS protests.

In the country’s capital Abuja, despite the assault on the protesters, they refuse to stop and have continued their protest.

Armed thugs interrupted the demonstration against police brutality near the Central Bank of Nigeria in Abuja, leaving many injured and properties burnt.

Nigerians in the diaspora have participated with a significant growth in number in the EndSars protest from their separate countries of residence.

Nigerians in Egypt, however, were arrested by the Egyptian authorities after staging a #EndSARS protest in front of the Cairo office of the Nigerian High Commission on Sunday 18 October.

The demonstrations quest were initially directed at the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, but after the unit’s dissolution, they persisted.

The demonstrators have promised that they will not leave the streets until they begin to see some of their demands implemented by the government.


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