Global Coronavirus Deaths Reach 900,000 as Cases Grow in India

The United States remains the worst-affected nation in the world, with more than 190,000 deaths, and more than 6.3 million in cases. Brazil ranks second with more than 127,000 deaths followed by India with almost 74,000 deaths.
India recorded 90,802 new confirmed infections on Monday, its daily biggest leap ever, taking its total to over 4.3 million and bumping Brazil and its 4.1 million cases to third place.
As the epicenter of the pandemic moves toward India, there is no sign of a peak in the second most populated nation in the world.
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Since bars reopened for the first time since lockdown on Wednesday, it adds more cases every day than any other country since the beginning of the year. It reports more deaths than any other country over the last two weeks an average of more than 1,000 per day.
Due to high death counts in Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Chile, and Ecuador, the Americas still account for more than half of all deaths worldwide.
According to Reuters estimates based on data from the last two weeks a total of more than 5,600 people die per day from COVID-19. Death rates are rising steadily from 800,000 to 900,000 deaths taking 18 days to rise.
The journey from 700,000 to 800,000 took 17 days. India’s mortality rate is around 1%, while Brazil and the United States have mortality rates of around 3%, according to the world average.
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The UK, which has the fifth-highest death toll of 41,594, has a 14-day quarantine for returners from European holiday destinations including some Greek islands, France, Croatia, and Spain which are experiencing significant spikes.
Spain was the first country to report more than half a million cases on Monday in western Europe and now has 552,000 total infections. The first COVID-19-linked death was confirmed in Wuhan, China on Jan. 10 after the coronavirus first appeared there in December.
The latest coronavirus epidemic has entered every nation in Africa, which is a continent of 1.2 billion people.
As of September 9, the reported death toll for coronavirus on the continent stood at 31,701, with deaths including
former Congo president Jacques Joachim Yhombi-Opango, former Somalia prime minister Nur Hassan Hussein and Nigerian President closest aide Abba Kyar.
According to the Africa Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are 1,313,219 confirmed infections and 1,050,567 recoveries.

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