Europe is Now The Epicenter of Coronavirus With More Than 140,000 Cases Daily

Europe has been the new epicenter of coronavirus in recent weeks and has recorded 140,000 cases a day on average over the last week, with the initial wave of infection being successfully degraded.
According to a Reuters survey, 34 of all 100 infections reported worldwide were from Europe. Europe records more every day cases as a region than India, Brazil, and the U.S. combined.
The area records about one million new infections every nine days and more than 6.3 million cases have been identified since the pandemic started.
According to the Reuters tally, around half of the new cases in Europe emerges from the major European countries – such as, the United Kingdom , Germany , France, Germany , the Netherlands and Spain.
For the first time on Friday, global cases of coronavirus increased by over 400,000 for one day, with new restrictions in Europe for the purpose of curbing the outbreak.
France has the highest average new cases for Europe of 7 days with 19,425 infections a day and in the worst affected European countries the United Kingdom, Russia , Spain and the Netherlands.
Several countries in Europe close schools, cancel elective operations and apply to student doctors as the authorities face a revival of COVID-19.
Russia transfers students to online learning and Northern Ireland shuts two week schools and four restaurants.
In Spain, the catalonian authorities ordered the closure of bars and restaurants for 15 days, restricting the number of people permitted to go to shops.
The Czech Republic has relocated schools into remote schools and plans to bring thousands of medical students together. Non-urgent emergency procedures are used by hospitals to release beds.
Polish health workers cautioned that the country was on the verge of catastrophe when 6,526 new coronaviral infections were reported this week and 116 deaths were reported.
The training of nurses and the establishment of military field hospitals are increasing in Poland.
According to an analysis by Reuters, Latin America is the worst-hit region, with some 27 percent of COVID-19 cases in total followed by Asia, North America and Europe.
This month, according to Reuters study, India reported a lower number of cases compared to September, with 69,000 cases a day.
Over the last three weeks, the figures have decreased by more than 20,400, down 22% from the previous high. On October 13, India reported 55,342 cases; its daily rise was the smallest since August 18.
New infections have been rising with the most hospitalized COVID-19 patients since early September in the United States, with the world’s highest overall number of cases and deaths.
The attempts of Johnson & Johnson JNJ.N to develop a vaccines hit snags are stopped in the study participant, after unexplained disease.
For more than a month, the U.S. AstraZeneca trial was already in custody. Meanwhile, Russia has given regulatory approval to a second vaccine, after reporting a record rise in cases.

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