Does Namecheap Shared Hosting Meet Your Online Business Expectations?

Namecheap opened in 2000 by providing low-cost domains, durable web hosting services with the most prominent being the Namecheap shared hosting and outstanding customer support.

Namecheap is best known for its domain registration and maintenance services, but they also provide web hosting, and popular among the hosting services is Shared Hosting. They now have more than 3 million customers and handle more than 11 million domains.

Search and buy domains from Namecheap

The hosting plans from Namecheap include fast, dependable service with a 100% uptime guarantee. If you need to create a new website for your business, one of Namecheap’s many site-building apps will help. However, we recommend that you register for Shared Hosting, as it is the most prominent.

What is Namecheap shared hosting?

Namecheap shared hosting is a form of web hosting in which several websites are hosted on a single physical server.

The services on a single server are used by several people, which keeps costs down. Users are given their own part of a registry to host their website archives. Hundreds of users can be accommodated on shared servers.

Databases, monthly traffic, storage space, email accounts, FTP accounts, and other add-ons provided by the host are available to each user using the shared hosting platform’s server.

Shared hosting is a low-cost option that will include the services that a startup, small enterprise, or personal website needs.

Many people who are new to web hosting opt for shared hosting. Its popularity stems from the fact that it is the most cost-effective alternative.

Since the costs of running a server are shared by all users, shared hosting is the most cost-effective way to bring a site online. This type of hosting is better for a small website or blog that doesn’t need complicated setups or a lot of bandwidth.

Search and buy domains from Namecheap

However, shared hosting is inadequate for high-traffic sites, high-volume sites should better seek VPS or dedicated hosting but costly.

And if your business is new but targeting a high volume of web viewers in the future, then you can still opt for shared hosting and migrate to a bigger plan when the needs arise.

Basic plans start at about $30 a year, while premium plans with unmetered disk space, unrestricted storage, and unlimited websites can cost over $100 per year.

You can set up as many websites as you like in your user directory; all you have to do is make sure the domains you buy are linked to it.

One user, for example, may have separate domains for their personal website, hobbyist blog, and company. This is where shared hosting comes in handy as it allows you to create multiple websites in a single shared hosting plan.

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