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This 32-year-old man From Uganda Has Made What He Claims To Be a Missile

This 32-year-old man From Uganda Has Made What He Claims To Be a Missile

This young man from Uganda has made what he claims to be a missile and he is requesting the Uganda government to allow him to carry out tests on the shores of Lake Albert in western Uganda after warning fishermen to stay away as the test goes on which will take two days.

He is 32 years old and this is not the first time he claims to have made a weapon because the last time he tried, it landed him in jail. He has been arrested seven times since 2012 because of making similar weapons.

He says that carefully observing North Korea and US missiles, he can finally make a missile that has a range of up to 200 km

The name of this young man is called Anatoli Kiiza, a resident of Kiryangobe, Kitoba sub-county in the Hoima district and he is not well educated although his desire is to make weapons like missiles to protect Uganda.

Kiiza has written to police and district internal security organization telling them about his desire to test the weapon but according to ASP Hakiza, he will not be granted permission since this concerns national security.


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