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Germany completes the withdraw of its troops from Afghanistan after almost 20 years of war

Germany completes the withdraw of its troops from Afghanistan after almost 20 years of war

Germany completes the withdraw of its troops from Afghanistan after almost 20 years of waging a war against the Taliban and other Islamist groups in the country.

The withdraw of German troops from Afghanistan concluded on Tuesday after 20 years marking the end of one of Germany’s deadliest wars since world war II.

Germany defence minister Annegret Kramp Karrenbauer said that” this is the end of almost 20 years and are on the way home”

He says that ” this is the end of a historic chapter of intense mission which has tested the Bundeswehr and in which Bundeswehr has proven itself in combat”

The last of the troops were airlifted out of their airbase at Mazar-i-sharif in Northern Afghanistan on two German A 400 MS and two US C-17.

The withdraw of troops from Afghanistan comes after joe Biden the US president and NATO announced in mind in April the withdraw of all troops from the country by September 11 which is the 20 anniversary of the attack on the world trade centre in New York.

The sudden withdraw of NATO troops from Afghanistan has left behind a deteriorating security situation.

The Taliban claims to have taken 100 districts out of 400 districts that make up the country since May 1st when US and NATO forces started withdrawing.

Countries that still have troops in Afghanistan include UK, Italy, Turkey and the US although we expect many of those troops to return home.

The war in Afghanistan has been a failure according to many people because, after 20 years of fighting, the US and NATO have failed to defeat the Taliban and also create security stability in the country.

Its estimated that Afghanistan war between US, NATO forces and Taliban has claimed 241000 people after 20 years.

Of the people killed, 71344 were civilians who had died on both sides of Afghanistan long, porous border with Pakistan, at least 24097 people were killed in Pakistan.

About 3586 US and NATO troops were killed, 78314 Afghanistan military personnel and police and 84191 opposition fighters also lost their lives.

Afghanistan war has made 2.7 million people flee from their homes out of a population of 38 million people in the country after 20 years of war.

Reports say that women have suffered a lot and also represents the highest number of people killed in a 20-year long war with 390 women having been killed in 2020 alone.

I can’t end without talking about the use of drones in both Afghanistan and Pakistan by mostly the Obama administration which killed more civilians than Taliban fighters according to human rights groups.


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