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China Warns US Against Interfering in its Internal Affairs as Both Set Red-lines to Each Other

US and China have each set it own red-lines against the other which will help as basis to begin future talks in a call between US secretary of state Blinken and Chinese top foreign aide to Xi Jinping Yang Jiechi.

Yang warned US that china will not tolerate any external forces interfering in its internal affairs and urged US to correct its mistakes and work with China to promote a healthy and stable development of China-US relations by upholding the spirit of non-conflict non-confrontation,mutual respect and win-win corporation.

Yang emphasized that both sides should respect each other’s core interests, political system and development paths of their own choosing.

” each should focus on taking care of its own domestic affairs.china will firmly continue down the path of socialism with Chinese characteristics and no one can stop the great rejuvenation of Chinese nation”, Yang told Blinken.

Issues relating to Hong Kong Xinjang Tibet and Taiwan are china’s internal affairs and that the country wouldn’t tolerate any external interference, Yang warned US.

China Warns US Against Interfering in its Internal Affairs as Both Set Red-lines to Each Other

meanwhile Blinken the US secretary of state said that US will defend its interests and would continue to stand up for human rights and democratic values including in xinjang Tibet Hong Kong as he urged China to condemn the military coup in Burma which is currently Myanmar.

Blinken also warned China that US was going to build a coalition of countries like minded and shared values to push against China in its destabilizing behavior in Indo Pacific region especially defend against a threat posed by china to Taiwan.

US-China relations under Trump administration became worse due to a number of disagreements including Xinjang Tibet Hong Kong, Taiwan, South China Sea, tech war, trade war and human rights.

US has also been challenging China on its claims of ownership to 90% of South China Sea by carrying out freedom of navigation and providing weapons to Taiwan, assuring Japan and Philippines of US full support.

China has also been pushing back against US freedom of navigation by carrying out rapid modernization, deploying of its Navy to South China Sea and constantly going into Taiwan air space to show US that Taiwan is not an independent country and is under china’s jurisdiction.


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