Batman star Robert Pattinson 'tests positive for Covid-19'

British actor Robert Pattinson tested COVID-19 positively, news media announced on Thursday, halting “The Batman” production and highlighting the industry’s struggle to return to business after months of pandemic shutdown.
Warner Bros., a film studio, said in a statement that “a member of the production of ‘The Batman’ in Britain had tested the coronavirus positively, but did not give a name. “Filming is suspended temporarily,” the statement from the studio said but did not say how long.
Variety, the Hollywood Reporter, and Vanity Fair all quoted sources as saying Pattinson, the star of the movie, was the person who tested positive.
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The members of Warner Bros. and Pattinson had not returned calls for comment. It was not clear to what degree Pattinson, 34, was suffering from COVID-19 symptoms most well known for his breakout role in the vampire movie series “Twilight.”
Just three days ago, the shooting of “The Batman” had resumed north of London after being shut down in mid-March, along with hundreds of other films and TV shows around the world due to coronavirus.
According to Hollywood trade outlets, the film, in which Pattinson stars as the comic book hero, has approximately three months of material left to shoot. Its release was pushed back from June 2021 to October 2021, earlier this year.
Development of films and television has been slow to get back on track in the United States under complicated safety measures like monitoring, quarantine, and social distancing on sets involving hundreds of crew members, makeup artists, performers, extras, and other production personnel.
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Some productions have restarted in London or in Eastern Europe, including Universal Pictures’ “Jurassic World: Conquest,” while the cast of the “Avatar” sequel is back at work in New Zealand, where the coronavirus was kept in place.
In July, Tom Cruise received permission to shoot parts of Norway’s next “Mission Impossible” thriller without the quarantine criteria. However, Variety confirmed two cruise ships were employed by the production to house the crew in order to keep them away from the locals.

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