China will no longer be bullied, president Xi Jinping of China said at anniversary celebrating 100 years of CCP

The Chinese communist party of China was formed in 1921 with few members and has passed through a lot of challenges to become one of the biggest and longest political parties in power in the world with more than 95 million members as of 2020.

CCP of China has had so many achievements among them is lifting millions of people out of poverty and building a moderately prosperous society with the second-largest economy in the world.

Some of the many achievements of CCP of China is being able to build a much more powerful military, putting people in space and developing space program to become one of the leading powers, built the longest extensive network of roads and high-speed railway lines in the world, built the biggest manufacturing sector in the world becoming the world factory with the world’s largest consumer market, educated millions of people and established itself as essential technological and innovation power.

At the ceremony celebrating 100 years of the founding of the China communist party, president Xi Jinping of China said” we have never bullied, oppressed or subjugated the people of any other country and we never will”.

This was a message to the world that China has no intention of ruling the world as US-led Western countries usual thing and that’s what other countries have done in past especially European countries.

Xi Jinping who is also the most powerful leader in recent history says that”the Chinese people would never allow any foreign forces to bully, oppress or enslave them.

Whoever wants to do so will surely find themselves on a collision course with the great Wall of steel forged by the flesh and blood of the 1.4 billion people”.

Xi Jinping also said that” there is no gene in the blood of the Chinese people to invade others and dominate the world”.

The above statement indicates that China has no ambitions to go beyond or expand further beyond its immediate geographical sphere which is the South China Sea and Taiwan.

Xi Jinping also said that” China’s success hinges on the party, any attempts to divide the party from Chinese people is bound to fail”

This statement of saying Chinese communist party represents the people of China has been used frequently of recent after the last US administration of Trump starting saying that it has got disagreements is with the CCP of China, not the Chinese people, the statement seen in Beijing as an attempt by the US to divide China and de-legitimise the CCP rule over the country.

Xi Jinping also said that” by learning from history, we can understand why powers rise and fall, looking back on the party’s 100-year history, you see why we were successful in the past.

This means we must act with greater resolve and purpose in staying true to our founding mission”

I think this statement was meant to urge the CCP leaders to always remember the mistakes done in the past so as not to become victims like many other regimes who have fallen due to not giving great attention to historic mistakes.

There is no doubt that China under Xi Jinping has become a more confident and more powerful country that is able to stand and defend its interests on the world stage.

Its hard to see where China is heading due to the uncertainty the world presents today although that being said, it will be hard for China to fail again in the near future or for the CCP to be removed out of power.

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