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Tsai Ing Wen the Taiwanese leader warns” Taiwan will not bow to pressure from China”.

Tsai Ing Wen the Taiwanese leader warns" Taiwan will not bow to pressure from China".
She was speaking at national holiday

Tsai Ing Wen the Taiwanese leader is on offensive with words after president Xi Jinping of China offered a measured tone yesterday while marking 110 anniversary for the foundation of republic of China of peaceful reunification.

Tsai Ing Wen says she hoped for an easing of tensions a cross Taiwan strait as she warned that her government will not act rashly but said there should be absolutely no illusions that the Taiwanese people will bow to pressure.

Taiwan will continue to bolster our national defense and demonstrate our determination to defend ourselves inorder to ensure no body can force Taiwan to take the path China has laid out for us, Tsai Ing Wen said.

She continued” this is because the path that China has laid out for us offers neither free and democratic way of life for Taiwanese nor sovereignty for our 23 million people”.

China says Taiwan is its own territory and should be returned to the motherland but current Taiwanese authorities went Independence and claim Taiwan is already independent although its recognized by not more 15 small island countries in the world.

I think Tsai Ing Wen should be careful not to under estimate Xi Jinping’s resolve to bring Taiwan back to China and also overestimate US confidence to come to their side incase of a war because recent events in South China Sea shows clearly that China is willing to go to war with anybody when it comes to Taiwan but the biggest question remains as to whether US and its allies are willing to die inorder to defend Taiwan.

I think if nothing serious happens in next few weeks to months, there will be relative reduction in tensions between US and China but I don’t expect the relationship between US and China to return to where it was before since most US leaders have decided to continue with the contest against China.

There’s no doubt that China has time on its side and can afford to wait until maybe in ten years when it becomes both economically and militarily more powerful than US inorder to solve the Taiwan question.

There’s even hope that people of Taiwan will naturally return to China roots once China becomes the most powerful country on earth.

Note: we entered in decade of great uncertainty ( living dangerously)


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