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China has sofar vaccinated more than 1billion people.

China has sofar vaccinated more than 1billion people.

The outbreak of the second wave of covid-19 in India taught a big lesson to Chinese government that the country can’t be secure unless every body is vaccinated or atleast 70% of the population.

This led to what is called vaccination race by the Chinese government with the aim of vaccinating 1billion people and today, it was reported that China had gave covid-19 vaccine shot to more than a billion people.

Unlike other places in the world, China has not experienced a big out break of covid-19 since last year during the period of January to March where thousands of people were killed and almost 100000 infacted.

This led Chinese government to declare a total lackdown which human rights groups and Western countries called abuse of human rights but it was that total lackdown that eventually cut the transmission rate of covid-19 and by mid 2020, China was almost free from covid-19 while other countries were suffering from lackdowns and high infection rates.

Sofar covid-19 was has killed more than 3 million people and infected more than 178 million people around the world.

Many countries are in race to vaccinate their own people but the biggest problem is shortage of vaccines available since few countries are able to manufacture the vaccine and China is among those countries.

China has sofar given 350 million vaccines to countries and regions around the world.

We are told that China will have a capacity to produce 5 billion vaccine by the end of the year after world health organization approved two Chinese vaccines of sinovac and sinopharm


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