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An Egyptian inventor has built a car that drive on water

An Egyptian inventor has built a car that drive on water

Mr. Karim Amin and two of his closet friends, have built a sports car that can drive on water like a boat but also drive on land.

The costs between $19000 and $45000 and the price is expected to go up as more demand comes in and after a bigger family car is built that can accommodate 4 people.

The version of the car available is a small one which can accommodate only 2 people and is equipped with some of the lastest technology like music system that uses phone Bluetooth, a screen to enable you watch videos and a GPS incase you get lost.

The car is entirely built by Egyptians expect the engine which is manufactured from Japan.

The car is very popular at beaches in Egypt because why buy a boat if a sports can drive on water.

Egypt is one of the few countries trying to transition from middle income trap by investing in technology and is one of leading countries in technology on Africa continent.

There’s no doubt that Africa is on move and it doesn’t matter whether its slow, the fact that the continent is embracing innovation and technology, tells a simple story of bright future.

Africa will one day also be there since its population is very young and becoming bigger by the day which will turn into not only the biggest consumer market but also innovation center of the world in coming years.


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