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A new Chinese drone to appear on China’s airshow 2021

As Chinese economy became big, its military budget has also expanded enabling research and fielding of state of art weapons inculding drones of various types and ranges.

Although Chinese economic growth did contribute a lot to Chinese increased military research and weapons development and production, US-China tension has also contributed to Increased Chinese military modernisation drive.

As China’s economic interests Continue to expand overseas, we also expect it military to expand inorder to be able protect China’s economic interests a broad.

We also expect China’s to continue its military modernisation drive as a contest between China and US intensifies throughout this decade and we expect many new types of weapon systems to be developed and deployed in the next few years.

China now is among the top three arms export countries and others inculde the US and Russia and China’s arms industry is expected to continue growing as many developing countries becomes its customers due to cheap but comparable high standard hardware that can handle security challenges of many developing countries.

Today China poses one of the largest fleet of drones in the world serving both military and civilian needs and that fleet which includes reconnaissance drones, attack drones and communication drones is only expected to expand in coming decade as drones become the weapon of choice for the military especially to be used in East China Sea to monitor Japan, Taiwan strait to monitor Taiwan and South China Sea to monitor US and allied forces not forgetting Indian border.


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