Twitter Suffers Worldwide Downtime With Users Unable To Post

In several countries around the world, Twitter experienced service outages, leaving millions of users unable to post to its website.
The company reported that the crashes had been caused during the US evening and Australian morning by a “inadvertent adjustment” made to its internal systems.
For several minutes, the entire social media platform went offline and, although it was quickly brought back online, for more than an hour, users were unable to tweet or retweet something.
“Those who wanted to post were met with an error message stating that” overcapacity “was Twitter, or a simple note saying:” Oops, something went wrong,or ‘post failed, it’s not your fault, try again”.
The feeds for “notifications” and “mentions” were also not available. The official status page of Twitter said that there was “no proof that this outage was caused by a security breach or hack.” We are researching internal root causes at the moment.
For a number of users, the page started to malfunction regularly. People in Nigeria, Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States have reported problems.
Twitter officials have said that the recent problem has been triggered by an inadvertent adjustment to our internal systems that we have created. Over the next few hours, Twitter should be working for everybody.
The outage came only a day after Twitter took the unusual step of restricting the dissemination of a divisive article in the New York Post critical of US presidential nominee Joe Biden, stirring anger among conservatives, and debating how social media outlets in the lead-up to the US election could counter misinformation.
Twitter blocked users from posting links from the unconfirmed article to the story or pictures.
People trying to share the story on the site were shown a note saying: “We can’t complete this request because Twitter or our partners have marked this connection as potentially dangerous.”

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