The "Nord Tank" is Nigeria's Most Luxurious Car Ever Made

The Nord Tank as a highly significant vehicle was officially launched in December 2019. Generally, it is an immediate reflection of the modern route around Nigeria.
The Nord Motion’s Tank is a fully revamped to be a product that speaks Nigeria’s language and represents the cotemporary vehicles’ designs of every customer’s wishes and needs irrespective of a person’s country.
At a prospect, it speculates a familiar aerodynamically engineered luxury chassis that matches its competitor’s record performance globally.
The Nigerian automobile company, Nord Motion, aims to create the peculiar car with the capability of solving the mobility and vehicle needs of both the low and medium-term revenue earners, including corporate organizations, by as well making it affordable to virtually everyone in the country to buy and use.
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The all bridged powerful vehicle which appears to have a different level of efficiency is capable of unleashing at maximum speed, covering quicker miles within an unexpected time possible.
The Nord Tank featured a good architecture Front Angle Low View, Rear Angle View, Front Cross Side View, and a powerful Headlight.

Nord Tank Interior
Nord Tank Interior|Photo Credit: Oluwatobi Ajayi Twitter

It also includes an automatic Bluetooth communication, Sounds Speaker, Air conditioning, and stereo steering wheel controls, important additions such as a reversing an elegant standing ‘twice as tall’ could be evident from the overall appearance of the vehicle.
Nord Tank Interior
Nord Tank Interior|Photo Credit: Oluwatobi Ajayi Twitter

With the manufacturer having a deep experience of the street situation of the country it is confident that in Nigeria the Nord vehicles will soon be a household name.
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Oluwatobi Ajayi the CEO of Nord Motion had a firm belief that the company though has a long way to go has a better chance of providing the most needed types of products for the country and beyond, marking its products such as the Nord Tank, Nord A3, Nord A5, Nord Flit, Nord Max as ‘the beginning of a new era’.
Mr. Ajayi while responding to a tweeter follower with name, Yusuf Sambo, who’s curious about the company’s current local sources of production, says “the company currently manufactures less than 6%, (using monetary value and weight) locally.”
The CEO assured that “if we keep working, collaborating, and delivering reliable, elegant, and safe vehicles, and the market keeps buying, we will achieve this in some years.” “This is the beginning of a new era. “It may take some time but we would get there.” He said.
He says the company is working with some people and entities to build an industry and supporting already existing industries with the capacity of providing more than 70% of its products locally.
Nord Tank Vehicle| Credit: Oluwatobi Ajayi
Nord Tank Vehicle| Credit: Oluwatobi Ajayi Twitter

In the new profusion era driven by the continent’s excessive vehicle importation and over-dependent on globalization the Nord Tank hence it powerfully communicates the African language will be an absolute achievement for the continent provided the company hasten to take advantage of the booming demand in the African car market.
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Nord Motion CEO Oluwatobi Ajayi has however assured the country that the company will be focusing on delivering quality, unique and Nigerian street-legal vehicles unmatched.
No doubt the new Nord Tank is a highly accomplished product. Compared to its competitors it offers a well-defined structurally appealing view.
The vehicle is a very exclusive car and highly luxurious by its very nature. It wears its richness lightly and is thus a brilliant example for a more proficient Nigerian street-legal race.


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