The Boring Company’s Las Vegas Loop stations are nearly complete
Photo Credit: The Boring Company

The Boring Company’s Las Vegas Loop Stations Nears Completion

The boring company’s Las Vegas loop stations are nearing completion based on live video streams from the construction site by LVCC.

Station 3 seems already complete, at least from above ground. Asphalt laying has began outside Station 1 and Station 2 and should be finished shortly.

Camera shots from the construction sites of The Boring Company Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) Loop show that asphalt was laid around each station’s terminal entrances.

The LVCC Loop seems to be in the final stages of development and will shortly be eligible for ramp testing for Tesla vehicles.

Station 1’s solar panels also need to be installed, according to official Vegas reports of the LVCC construction site.

The Boring Company Las Vegas Loop stations. Photo Credit: LVCC

The headwalls and ramp walls of the first station ought to be painted as well. Study on the canopy in Station 2 is advancing.

It is necessary to mount the second station’s escalator and elevator, too. Station 3’s headwalls and ramp walls still need to be painted and the final paving has yet to be completed.

Bollards will also be installed at each of the three stations. The Boring Business will definitely scale up its vehicle testing activities with the assistance of Tesla cars as work on the LVCC Loop draws to a close.

The LVCC Loop would be the first working transport tunnel in Sin City for The Boring Company and could set the scene for the much more ambitious Vegas Loop.

The first loop of the Boring Company would connect the 3.2 million sq. ft space of the Convention Center with its latest West Hall extension, which provides additional 600,000 sq. Ft. of the location’s versatile meeting room.

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