Tesla Upgrades Model 3 To a Staggering 353-Mile EPA Range For Less Than $47,000

After the company redesigned its design studio and unleashed its Tesla Upgrades Model 3, it left a lot of surprises for interested customers.
Tesla provided a range boost to all Model 3 models. With changes in 0-60 mph performance as well, the Long Range and Performance versions got a little extra love.
The Standard Range Plus of the Model 3 now has a range of 263 miles. The estimated EPA range of the Model 3 SR+ was 250 miles prior to the update.
Now the Long Range Model 3 has an EPA range of 353 miles. The Model 3 LR ‘s range was 322 miles prior to Tesla’s design studio update, which was still well above its rivals in the electric car segment.
The latest EPA range of the Performance version is 315 miles, passing the 300-mile mark it shyly skipped before refreshing the Model 3. This is unbelievably amazing , especially for a car optimized for maximum efficiency.
A little extra TLC was awarded to the Long Range and Output version. The efficiency of both top-tier Model 3 models was also improved by Tesla.
A little extra TLC was awarded to the Long Range and Output version. The efficiency of both top-tier Model 3 models was also improved by Tesla.
In 3.1 seconds, the Output can now do 0-60 mph, just 1 second faster than the previous version. While the Long Range is now capable of doing 0-60 mph in 4.2 seconds, in the older Model 3 LR, a big jump from 4.4 seconds.
The fact that the company did not adjust the price of the cars might be the best tidbit about Tesla’s updated Model 3. After possible savings, the SR+ is only $37,990 and $28,690.
At $46,990 or $37,690 after possible savings, the purchase price of the Model 3 LR is still below $50,000. And the performance, after possible savings, is still $54,990 or $45,690.
Offering a 353-mile Model 3 at less than $47,000 is a bold step for Tesla, especially given the state of competition for the all-electric sedan.
The Polestar 2, arguably one of the most legitimate rivals of the Model 3, begins at $61,200 before incentives, and has only an estimated EPA range of 233 miles per charge. The refreshed Model 3 variants of Tesla could make the vehicle even more enticing.
For the past few weeks, information about the Model 3 refresh have been coming out of the woodwork. Model 3 refresh photos showed that Tesla wanted to alter the interior of the EV sedan.
The photos revealed a new center console featuring a Matt finish, silver highlights, and faux leather stitching with a more conventional look.
Other photos showed that Chrome erase wheels will also be included in the Model 3 refresh. There has been some rumors that Tesla will also update the range and output of the Model 3.
The most recent design studio update confirms that the photos were actually the revamped Model 3 of Tesla.


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