Tesla Updates Now Allows Owners Lock TeslaCam and Sentry Mode Storage In The Glovebox

Tesla Updates Now Allows Owners Lock TeslaCam and Sentry Mode Storage In The Glovebox
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Tesla is rapidly upgrading the interior of the Model 3, to allow owners lock their Sentry Mode and TeslaCam storage unit in the glovebox.
Inside its cars, Sentry Mode is Tesla’s integrated surveillance system that uses the Autopilot cameras around the car to record possible vandalism or other accidents.
Tesla owners have to plug a storage device into one of the center console’s USB ports and store footage captured by Sentry Mode and TeslaCam, the dashcam feature of the automaker, on it.
The feature was first introduced after criminals started targeting Tesla vehicles, especially in the Bay Area , resulting in a stream of cars left with broken windows and missing valuables.
It helped police apprehend thieves, but others were worried that thieves would catch up with the machine and steal the storage device with the break-in video.
Now we hear that Tesla is launching a solution that we have been reporting on over the last few days with the new Model 3 2021 refresh.
According to a photo of the new version seen by Electrek, Tesla has new the glovebox to now have a USB port in the upper left corner of it.
In order to record Sentry Mode and TeslaCam events, the new port will link to Tesla’s MCU and enable Tesla owners to use a storage device, such as a portable SSD.
With a new feature called ‘Glovebox PIN’, Tesla recently began promoting a new software update.
There is no physical button to open the glovebox in Model 3 and Model Y vehicles and drivers need to open it on the center touchscreen through an order.
With the new functionality, in order to open the glovebox, everyone is required to enter a PIN code.
Tesla owners are now able to protect their Sentry Mode / TeslaCam storage unit in a locked glovebox by combining the revised 2021 Model 3 configuration with this new functionality.

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