Tesla Unveiled Model S Plaid at 0-60 MPH Acceleration Rate in Less Than 2 Seconds

Tesla Unveiled Model S Plaid at 0-60 MPH

During the Battery Day Event, Tesla unveiled the Model S plaid and listed the impressive specifications that the new powertrain carries.

The Plaid Powertrain Model S will have a 200 MPH top speed, a 0-60 MPH acceleration pace in less than 2 seconds, more than 520 miles of range, and more than 1,100 horsepower, according to Tesla, making it the company’s flagship sedan’s most powerful configuration to date.

For $139,990, the Plaid Model S is currently available for purchase on Tesla’s website.
The Model S Plaid also took down the Laguna Seca Raceway in 1:30.3 seconds just two days ago, with only three extra seconds of potential shave-off time, Musk said.

This would mean that the Plaid Model S at Laguna Seca has once again regained the track record. The 2,238-mile circuit was recently conquered, with an unconfirmed time of 1:33 seconds, by the Lucid Air Tri-Motor configuration on August 17th.

This will mean that the Plaid Powertrain is quicker than the Lucid Air Tri-Motor by around three seconds.

During trials at Laguna Seca late last year, Tesla first unveiled the Plaid Powertrain. With a 1:36.555-second period, it smashed the track record.

It then moved in 2019 to Germany to take on the raceway at the Nürburgring. A wider body style and many aerodynamic changes are made by the Plaid Model S, a complement to the spoiler, and a large rear-diffuser set underneath the car.

After Lucid seemed to suggest that by beating the Plaid Model S time reported last year, its Tri-Motor version had set the new record, it seems Tesla had more than enough of a response to the performance sedan of the new automaker.

More than a year after the first visit of the Plaid Mode Model S to Laguna Seca, Tesla has obviously made numerous changes. This is based on the six-second gain in time from the run of last year.


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