Tesla Plans to Massively Expand Service Center in 2021 to Catch Up With Growth

Tesla Plans to Massively Expand Service Center in 2021 to Catch Up With Growth
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Tesla has notified workers that it is planning a major boost to increase service capacity in order to achieve its rapid revenue growth.

Tesla has risen in the last few years ferociously with substantial increases in supply and production capacity. Now over 1 million cars have entered the customer fleet of Tesla.

Unlike most others, Tesla has its global service infrastructures, which Tesla tries to increase alongside sales and development, and is dependent on third-party franchise dealers to provide customers service. It could not keep up with the growth of Tesla in recent years.

In the last 12 months, Tesla’s shipments rose almost 50% over the past year to expand its fleet by more than half a million vehicles.

But Tesla’s service centers rose by just 12 percent over the same time and its mobile service fleet by 8 percent.

After CEO Elon Musk has acknowledged a “foolish oversight” of the Tesla coverage and plans to open several more service centers around the world, Tesla made a series of announcements last year about expanding service.

The situation slowly shifted, but in just a few months Tesla began to increase with the opening of 20 new service centers. A source familiar with the matter told Electrek that it plans to raise service dramatically by at least one new service center per week in 2021 in the next year.

This means that in 2021 Tesla is preparing to add 52 new service centers. Currently, Tesla operates worldwide 466 service centers.

In addition, Jerome Guillen, Tesla’s President of Automotive, recently said that he is searching for real estate which can quickly become a service business in Tesla. We posted on Tesla recently looking for “open numbers of service centers” in the Northeast.

The new service centers will be where Tesla is faced with high demand for its vehicles and where there is already a shortage of service center capacity. More demand for Tesla also emerges from new service centers.

Musk has said earlier that Tesla has noticed expanding service centers, and Tesla’s two best ways to get more customers are the Supercharger network.

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