Tesla Nears 'Autonomous Vehicles', Set to Release a Self-Driving Beta Capable of 'Zero Intervention'

Elon Musk’s vision of autonomous vehicles has been evident for many years.
It is anything but a simple task to achieve full autonomy, and Musk admits that other businesses have done an effective job of designing driver assistance features to improve safety.
While Tasha Keeney from ARK Invest described the process and development of self-driving vehicles in a series of tweets on Thursday, Musk said that Waymo, another company focused on fully autonomous navigation, is doing an “impressive” job of developing zero-intervention driving capabilities.
The CEO of Tesla then announced that in a few weeks, the company will release “the most recent build,” which is capable of zero-intervention drives.
This ensures that those with the Complete Self-Driving Suite running the company’s vehicles would not be needed to input any commands to their car.
The implementation of this capability indicates that the Robotaxi fleet, which will be the in-house ride-hailing service of the company, could be rolled out.
It must refine and upgrade its Autopilot and Full-Self Driving Package, which the company has done through a series of Software Updates to boost functionality before Tesla can allow drivers to use the Robotaxi fleet to take people from location to location.
The announcement also coincides with Elon Musk’s conviction that the Robotaxi fleet will be used by Tesla in 2021.
Musk presented his proposal for the imminent rollout of Robotaxi in 2021 during the Q1 Earnings Call in 2020. He said, “Not in all sectors, but some.”
Eventually, Tesla’s ride-sharing service will consist of Tesla vehicles previously leased, along with a fleet of cars currently owned. By putting the cars in the Tesla network, owners of Tesla vehicles will be able to make up to $30,000 a year, offering people on-demand access to transportation via the “Car Access” feature on the Tesla mobile app.
The implementation of a self-driving zero-intervention infrastructure would revolutionize the way people drive vehicles.
Vehicle safety is one factor that will certainly boost, as Tesla cars running on Autopilot and Complete Self-Driving are 9.5 times less likely to be involved in an accident, the most recent safety report from the company said.

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