Tesla Megapacks to Power Australia’s Upcoming 300MW Battery Farm

Tesla Megapacks to Power Australia’s Upcoming 300MW Battery Farm

VICTORIA (Forsige) – Tesla Megapacks will power Neoen ‘s forthcoming 300 MW power storage project in Victoria, Australia, which, when completed, will be one of the world’s largest battery farms.

Neoen has recently announced that it has secured a deal from the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) and the Victorian Government.

The Clean Energy Council (CEC), which comprises Neoen, Tesla, and AusNet Facilities, suggested that around summer 2021-2022, the Victorian Big Battery will be operational.

The size of the Victorian Big Battery will remain at 300 MW/450 MWh. For the time being, the contract signed by Neoen will be for batteries comprised of 3MW Tesla Megapacks worth 250MW.

South Australia’s Hornsdale Power Reserve, which is made up of Tesla Powerpacks, is a 150MW/194MWh facility for comparison. It should be remembered that, for some time, the Hornsdale facility kept the title of the world’s largest energy storage device.

“The battery’s role is to participate in Victoria’s System Integrated Protection Scheme. This means that it will provide key grid support services, particularly in peak periods should there be unexpected network outages. Consumers will also benefit from low-cost power, with the battery able to store energy from clean wind and solar,” said the CEC’s Chief Executive, Kane Thornton.

In recent years, Tesla Energy has steadily gained ground in Australia, specifically with its battery storage business.

Tesla announced that its Energy Division achieved a record deployment of 759 MWh in Q3, and the EV automaker shared in its TSLA Q3 2020 update letter that the production volume of Gigafactory Nevada’s Megapack doubled in the last quarter. Other products from Tesla Energy, such as the Solar Roof, have reached their strides.

Tesla’s Global Head of Commercial Energy, RJ Johnson, spoke during the last earnings call about the expected growth of the Megapack. “Q3 was a strong quarter for the Energy business, and we’re poised for continued strong growth in energy storage and solar. Megapack is going to be a large growth segment for the business, and deployments will continue to expand rapidly as the product reaches full capacity.”

Victoria’s battery will create an estimated 85 jobs during construction and help the state accelerate its transition to renewable energy, according to Australia’s Clean Energy Council.


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