Elon Musk Sets to Reveal Neuralink Progress on August 28

On Twitter this week, Elon Musk said that Neuralink, the company he formed in 2016 to create computer-brain interfaces to help people keep up with advanced artificial intelligence, will provide an update on its progress on Friday, August 28.
Neuralink’s last major update came about a year ago when it shared that it will use a surgical robot to implant gossamer-thin wires into a person’s brain, connected to an external computer processing unit and that ultimately it hopes to make the connection wireless for maximum freedom and flexibility between the two.
It also aimed at making people with malfunctions especially those connected to brains problem regain consciousness. Now, with that date coming up Friday, it might be the first time for the public to hear what the quietest startup Musk has been working on.
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In July 2019, Neuralink announced that he had already carried out positive tests of his technology on mice and even primates and that he would be conducting experiments on his first human subjects beginning as early as the following year which is this 2020.
Headquartered in San Francisco and co-founded by Musk and led by CEO Jared Birchall, Neuralink has been conducting research in partnership with UC Davis.
Futurism share update quoting Elon Musk’s tweets:

“Will show neurons firing in real-time on August 28th,” he tweeted, mysteriously. “The matrix in the matrix.”

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Initially, the company’s aim is to use its technology to help reduce the effects of neurological disabilities in patients with serious impacts on mobility and other day-to-day functioning, but eventually, the company also aims to use its technology to effectively “upgrade” people to communicate with computing devices at the pace of thinking.
Musk has consistently pointed out how “lossy” the process of translating thought into input via conventional means including the keyboard and mouse is, and believes that a tighter, more high-fidelity bond between people and computers can help to reduce the risk that advanced AI exceeds human intelligence capabilities.
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Musk has claimed on many occasions that he claims that unchecked, unregulated advanced general artificial intelligence presents an existential risk to humanity and that Neuralink is intended as a means of protecting against that danger.
We don’t know yet what Musk and Neuralink are going to share about the company’s progress since its last update in 2019, but hopefully, we’ll hear about their plans to start human trials.
Musk has also posted what he terms the “mission statement” of Neuralink alongside the company update date: “If you can’t beat em, join em.”


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