Elon Musk, SpaceX CEO, Taunts Ambitions to Test Two Starships at Once

Elon Musk, SpaceX CEO, Taunts Ambitions to Test Two Starships at Once
Photo Credit: RGVAerialPhotography

CEO Elon Musk states that within the next few weeks, SpaceX may be able to test two Starships simultaneously.

On November 30, in reaction to an unauthorized aerial photo modified to show two Starships on the launch pad of SpaceX in South Texas, Musk noted that the image “will be real soon.”

A SpaceX team quickly installed an equivalent “launch mount” in the last four months of 2019-the device that carries, fuels, and releases Starship-to expand existing facilities.

The work started just days before the launch debuts for the back-to-back Starship SN5 and SN6 and a few months after the lone launch mount exploded and destroyed Starship SN4.

The new launch mount and all related cryogenic plumbing, considered “Suborbital Pad B,” debuted with the cryo test campaign of Starship SN9 in late December and is expected to support its first Starship static fire as early as January 4th.

Meanwhile, on January 2nd, Starship SN10, with SN11 not far away, was packed to its maximum height.

It is easily credible for Musk to say that multi-Starship test operations are only a few weeks away. SN10 could easily be able for transport to “Suborbital Pad A” as early as mid to late January, based on Starship SN9’s ill-fated crash just before going to the launch pad. If


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