Elon Musk Admits He Won’t Take COVID-19 Vaccine Because He’s Not At Risk

Elon Musk is Now Officially the Third Richest Person in the World

Elon Musk has revealed that when they are accessible, he will not get a coronavirus vaccine because he is ‘not at risk’ and justifies having the Tesla factories functioning in the midst of the pandemic.

In spite of lockdowns, the 49-year-old tech giant defended opening up Tesla factories-a long saga that saw him sue Alameda County, start a profanity-laden rant about how immoral lockdowns are, and reportedly fire workers who did not feel secure enough to return to work.

In an interview with Kara Swisher on the New York Times podcast Sway, the Tesla and SpaceX founder said Monday that even though vaccinations are readily available, he won’t take one.

Elon Musk was asked whether he Will take a coronavirus vaccine and What he will do with his family as well? And He responded curtly, ‘No, I’m not at risk for COVID-19. Nor are my kids.’ He slammed lockdowns as a serious mistake unfolding across the nation.

‘I mean this is a hot button issue where rationality takes a back seat. In the grand scheme of things what we have something with a very low mortality rate and high contagion,’ he said.

‘Essentially the right thing to do would be to not have done a lockdown for the whole country but to have anyone that who is at risk quarantine until the storm passes,’ he added.
However, he faced some challenges in keeping his Tesla factories open in California.

‘Tesla has been, apart for several weeks where we were shut down by the state, and then the overzealous Alameda County, which was a travesty, but apart from that we’ve been making cars this entire time and it’s been great,’ Musk said.

In May, Tesla sued officials in Alameda County for attempting to shut down the company’s main Fremont warehouse by June because of the virus.

Host Swisher pointed out that his stance on the pandemic in the name of saving civilization is contrary to most of his other work-from space exploration to eco-friendly electric vehicles.

‘Everybody dies,’ Musk said on the human cost of the pandemic that has infected more than seven million in the US and killed more than 204,000.


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