Apple Aims Production of EV Self-driving Cars by 2024 With ‘Next-level’ Battery Technology

Apple Aims Production of EV Self-driving Cars by 2024 With 'Next-level' Battery Technology

Apple Inc is pushing ahead with self-driving car technologies and plans to build a vehicle in 2024 that could have its own breakthrough battery technology.

Since 2014, when it first began to build its own car from scratch, the iPhone maker’s automotive efforts, branded as Project Titan, have progressed unevenly.

Apple drew back the initiative to concentrate on apps at one point and reassessed its priorities.

Doug Field, an Apple veteran who worked at Tesla Inc, returned in 2018 to direct the project and in 2019 laid off 190 individuals from the team.

Since then, Apple has improved enough that it now wants to develop a car for buyers, people familiar with the initiative said, asking not to be identified because the intentions of Apple are not official.

The goal of Apple to create a personal vehicle for the mass market compares with rivals such as Waymo of Alphabet Inc, which has designed Robo-taxis for a driverless ride-hailing service to carry passengers.

Apple has been making some strides on its electric car initiative, according to Reuters reports.

The tech giant is supposedly concentrating its attention this time around on technologies that could “radically” decrease battery costs and expand the range.

Apple plans to use a “mono cell” configuration that bulks up individual cells in the battery to maximize space within the pack, the sources of the publication noted.

Apple, a corporation with large pockets that manufactures hundreds of millions of electronics devices annually but has never made a car, manufacturing a vehicle poses a supply chain obstacle.

It took 17 years for Elon Musk’s Tesla to actually make sustained profit-producing vehicles, Apple though maybe yielding profit with immediate production but will be serving as Tesla’s competitor.


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