Live Updates: Ugandan General Election 2021

Voting started at 7am local time (0400 GMT) and will end at 4pm (1200GMT) [Yasuyoshi Chiba/AFP]
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Updated at 8:30 WAT – Ugandans began voting under heavy security and an internet blackout that has left many complaining.

Voting was delayed in several locations in the capital, Kampala, beginning about half an hour after the official starting time is 7 am (05:00 am WAT), and will continue until 4 pm (2:00 am WAT). By Nasiru Eneji Abdulrasheed.

As Ugandan Elections Continue’s, Bobi Wine’s Phone Has Been Reported to be Blocked

Updated at 4:30 WAT – Like how Bobi’s wife’s phone got blocked in the wake of the Ugandan election, Bobi Wine’s has been confirmed blocked too. He can neither receive nor make calls normally.

According to him, the blocking of his phone is a deliberate attempt to stop him from communicating with his agents and coordinators. By Abdulmajeed Muhammed.

Voting Was Found Null and Counting Continued in the District of Wakiso

Updated at 4:35 WAT – Perhaps, the election is seen by Bobi Wine as the breakthrough for Ugandans but what if it’s just election season?

As the event unfolds, from the invalid votes sorted at KIREKA UMEA Primary polling zone in Wakiso district a voter was identified to have written “Komanyoko” on the President’s picture on the ballot. Meanwhile, the vote is considered invalid and counting continued. By Abdulmajeed Muhammed.

Unofficial Results: Ugandan General Election 2021

1. KAMULI DISTRICTBobi WineMuseveni
KBS Polli Station12665
Water supply PS18584
Post Office PS19386
St. Mark PS11371
Madras PS18589
Happy Hours A & B PS462269
2. Wakiso District
Magere Freedom Square1074257
Nansana, Little Muheji Polling Station931204

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