U.S. Congress Certifies Biden’s Victory After Capitol Hill’s Attack

U.S. Congress Certifies Biden's Victory After Capitol Hill's Attack
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Hours after hundreds of supporters of President Donald Trump invaded the U.S. Capitol Hill Congress certifies the electoral victory of Democrat Joe Biden in a harrowing attack on American democracy.

The White House issued a statement from Trump shortly after the approval, in which he guaranteed an “orderly transition” on Jan. 20 when Biden would be sworn into office.

After the tumultuous scenes on Capitol Hill, Congress had resumed its work certifying Biden’s Electoral College triumph late on Wednesday, with discussion lasting into Thursday’s early hours.

The Senate and the House of Representatives dismissed two challenges to the count after debate and certified the actual Electoral College ballot of 306 votes for Biden and 232 votes for Trump.

U.S. Congress Certifies Biden's Victory After Capitol Hill's Attack
U.S. Congress Certifies Biden’s Victory After Capitol Hill’s Attack. Photo Credit: Getty Image

Vice President Mike Pence said this “shall be deemed a sufficient declaration of the persons elected President and Vice President of the United States” in announcing the final vote totals behind Biden’s victory.

Forsige reported that on Wednesday that rioters burst down barricades, and forced Congress to evacuate portions of the building suddenly leading to the delay of a symbolic ceremony affirming the November election of President-elect Joe Biden.

The former vice president had said that for protesters to flood the Capitol, break walls, surround buildings, disrupt Congressional halls and risk the safety of properly elected officials: “It’s not a protest, it’s an insurrection.”

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