Trump Is Beginning to See Joe Biden 'On The Wall' Closer to 270 Votes

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NEW YORK (Forsige) – The next president of the United States is Joe Biden just six votes from his victory. Biden won 264 votes for Donald Trump’s 214 votes, with his victories in the pivotal swing states of Michigan and Wisconsin. To take the White House, the Democratic candidate must win only one more state.

The reelection campaign for the president initiated an anti-Pennsylvania lawsuit, with Trump’s lead declining gradually as there are more postal votes. The Trump campaign said that it was going to challenge Pennsylvania’s vote count extension, which was previously upheld by the high court.

A rally of supporters of Trump came out at a polling station in Detroit. The citizens of Michigan have asked “Stopping the Voting,” in reference to a “Brooks Brothers riot” in Florida in 2000.

This evening Michigan was called by the AP to Biden.

Twitter flagged trump more tweets in an attempt to drive the election outcome through disinformation. This evening, the president posted a tweet to “tell” that he hadn’t earned any battlefield claims.

These ‘claims’ clearly do not have a legal position at a U.S. election. Donald Trump seems to object to his law team’s plan in Wisconsin and Michigan to contest their defeats by seeking access to polling places.

“Our lawyers have asked for ‘meaningful access’, but what good does that do? The damage has already been done to the integrity of our system, and to the Presidential Election itself. This is what should be discussed!” Trump said in a new tweet.

But the president does not have systematic proof of fraud, and electoral officers in many states have defended the credibility of their vote counts. The President ‘s statement that “the damage was already done” may indicate Trump is beginning to see Joe Biden writing on the wall closer to 270 votes.

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