Trump-Biden Presidential Debate Marked by Interruptions and Verbal Attacks

In a tumultuous and bad-tempered – first debate was marked by verbal attacks and candidates frequent interruptions, President Donald Trump and Democratic opponent Joe Biden vigorously fought over Trump’s policies on the coronavirus pandemic, healthcare, and the economy.
Through the 90-minute debate, Trump bulldozed his way, attempting to goad Biden almost every time he spoke, alleging that Democrats were seeking to steal mail-in ballots from the November presidential election and refusing to condemn white nationalist groups when asked to do so.
Fox News moderator Chris Wallace never took control of the conversation, with Trump constantly refusing his appeals to let Biden speak. In a stunning political brawl that made it impossible for either to make a case, the two White House candidates spoke over each other and lobbied insults.
At one point, following Trump’s repeated interruptions, an exasperated Biden said: “Will you shut up, man?” It’s so unpresidential and Trump supporters have taken it up against him.
In vain, Wallace attempted to reel in Trump, who disregarded his time limits and spoke about Biden.
More than 1.3 million Americans had already cast early ballots as of Tuesday evening. The stakes were immense as the two candidates took the stage five weeks before the Nov. 3 Election Day, with time running out to change minds or sway the slim sliver of undecided voters.
The debate on Tuesday represented one of the few remaining opportunities for Trump, 74, to change the course of a campaign that most opinion polls show him losing, as most Americans disapprove of his handling of both the pandemic and demonstrations over racial inequality.
In national opinion polls, Biden, 77, has kept a consistent lead over Trump, while surveys in the swing states that will determine the election indicate a much closer contest. If the discussion would shift the needle was difficult to decide.

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