New Zealand Election Results Delayed By Special Votes

WELLINGTON – According to the recent results updates from the New Zealand election the Labour Party is projected to win including a historic majority in parliament with almost 100 per cent of the votes counted so far.

In what has been described as the first time that any party has won an outright majority in New Zealand since the country introduced its current MMP electoral system in 1996.

New Zealand Election Results|Photo Credit: Helen Sullivan

The result means the 64 out of 120 parliamentary seats are expected to be held by the Labour party, making it the first party to be able to govern under the current system alone.

At the moment only special votes held the final New Zealand election results, with a projection of three weeks to its declaration.

In New Zealand, where no single party has gained a majority of votes in the last 24 years, coalitions are the rule.

New Zealand Election Results Delayed By Special Votes
Despite New Zealand Election Results Delays, PM Jacinda Ardern Leads (Photo by Hannah Peters/Getty Images)

Jacinda Ardern who has at the moment gained favorable outcome from the closed to 100 percent announced New Zealand result have thanked New Zealand in her address.

An unprecedented number of voters opted to cast an early or advance ballot this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, with more than 1.9 million people have voted earlier on Friday, or 57 percent of the enrolled population.

That’s about three out of five of those who are enrolled. It is reasonable to count most of these votes fairly quickly.

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