Biden Only Needs One More State to Clinch the Presidency

With the latest reports from the two states, Joe Biden’s leads in Pennsylvania and Nevada have risen.

Biden’s lead in Pennsylvania now stands at 9,027 votes, which is projected to rise as more Philadelphia results come in.

The lead of the Democratic candidate has also increased to 22,076, or 1.7 percent of the vote, in Nevada.

The AP has not called Pennsylvania or Nevada yet, and in both states, we are also waiting for more uncounted ballots.

But Jon Ralston, the Nevada Independent’s highly regarded editor, claims the race is all but over. As the nation is awaiting a call in the presidential race, the AP has sent a tweet essentially instructing everyone to chill out.

“In the presidential race, the Associated Press continues to count votes and has not declared a winner,” the AP said.

“It will be tweeted from @AP and @AP Politics when the AP declares a winner.”

Joe Biden just needs to win one more state as a reminder (which I don’t think anyone needs), and he’ll hit the presidency.

Donald Trump has made a number of shocking and unfounded allegations regarding voter fraud and a rigged election, wrongly stating that if it had not been for a plot involving “illegal” votes, he would have won the election already.

Republicans in the Senate have been overwhelmingly wary of supporting Trump over his false allegations of a rigged election, and some have even rebuked him.

But Republican senators Lindsey Graham and Ted Cruz appeared on Fox Thursday night to endorse a variety of presidential evidence-free complaints regarding voter fraud.

Reports also suggested that if the presidential race is named for Joe Biden, Trump does not plan to concede defeat.

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