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Zimbabwe bans the import of maize grains as production surge at home this year.

zimbabwe bans the import of maize grains as production surge at home. This year alone, 2.7 million metric tonnes of maize are expected to be harvested after the country experienced the longest drought and floods last year which didn’t only destroy crops but also left people hungry and displaced which prompted the government to start importing maize grains and depending on aide.

According to Zimbabwe ministry of agriculture, this year’s harvests will be more than 1 million metric tonnes needed for consumption in the country and that’s why the government decided to open it grains storage facilities to start buying the excess grains from Farmers inoder stability prices in the market and also help formers gain from their hard work.

Together with Treasury, the government has so far bought around 750000 tonnes of maize grains and is expected to buy more from the farmers.

Government’s effort to buy maize grains from Farmers has helped formers to keep the price competitive and also avoid middle men who usually distort prices to gain more profits.

Its estimated that around 1.8 million metric tonnes of maize grains are expected by the end of season especially as moisture reduces in middle of this year.

This will help government to fill its grains reserve for future emergencies instead of always relaying on aide from outside countries.

The government says that whose Farmers who have decided to sell their maize to fill national grain reserve get their pay with in 72 hours or up a week of delivery.

Its this unprecedented increase in maize harvests that Zimbabwe government decided to ban the importation of maize grains in to the country since its nolonger necessary to bring more maize grains and risk market distabilization.

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Yosam Mukundane Is a political and socio-economic policy analyst at Forsige and a reporter covering Africa and Asia from Uganda.

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