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Ugandan President Museveni Blocks Facebook as the Country Heads to Polls on Thursday

I Will Go If a Useful Person Comes Says President Y.K Museveni of Uganda
Y.K Museveni. Photo Credit: Getty Image

He accused face book of blocking NRM supporters from Facebook after reports said that most of NRM supporters were blocked accusing them of not fit to be on Facebook according to statements released by those who were blocked.

The blocked NRM supporters had thousands of followers.

Museveni said that Facebook shouldn’t be allowed to tell Ugandans what is good or bad and also going against NRM supporters was a big mistake after accusing Facebook of not replying to a request by the government to know what was going on.

He said that the arrogance of some social media companies shouldn’t be allowed and that’s why he has decided to block Facebook from Uganda.

He apologized to Ugandans for the inconveniences after he revealed that he also often used face book to communicate with his young supporters.

Although Facebook and other social media companies were blocked for the above reasons given by president Museveni, it was also expected that Facebook together with WhatsApp would be blocked after security officers warned that some opposition presidential candidates like Robert Kyaguranyi a.k.a Bobi wine was planning to kidnap himself by going to the undisclosed embassy and then use social media to call on supporters that he was kidnapped by the army.

This is not the first time social media has been blocked in Uganda because it was also blocked after voting in the 2016 presidential elections as a way of preventing violence according to the government so with the election campaigns intensifying and covid-19 putting most of campaigning on social media, much was at stake


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