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Typhoon Batters Japan Leave 2 Dead and More Than 100 wounded

A strong typhoon killed two people, four missings, and more than 100 wounded Monday as it battered nearly the entire southwestern main island of Kyushu, causing widespread blackouts and disrupting transport and some mobile networks.
According to local authorities, a woman in her 70s in Kagoshima Prefecture died in a hospital after falling in a street gutter Sunday during an evacuation, and a man in Saga Prefecture died after falling while fixing his house’s second-floor windows.
The wounded were not only in Kyushu but also in the western Japanese Kinki and Chugoku areas. At one point on Monday afternoon, about 23,000 people were taking shelter in 11 prefectures. And Kyushu experienced temporary blackouts of some 475,000 homes.
While Typhoon Haishen was heading for the Korean Peninsula, the Japan Meteorological Agency warned in some areas of torrential rain, powerful winds, and tidal surges, urging citizens across a large region to remain vigilant.
In the village of Shiiba, Miyazaki Prefecture, where more than 400 millimeters of rain was registered on Sunday, police officers were searching for a woman in her 60s, her son, and two Vietnamese male interns who were reported missing after a mudslide struck a building firm’s office, which was also used as a home.
According to police, the woman’s husband in his 70s, who runs the business, was suffering from broken ribs.
A man in his 40s fractured his skull elsewhere in the area after falling from the roof of a garage in Yufu, Oita Prefecture, while at an evacuation center in Kobe, Nagasaki Prefecture, four people sustained minor injuries following a broken window, according to authorities.
Major mobile carriers NTT Docomo Inc., KDDI Corp., and SoftBank Corp. said their networks have been disrupted in Kyushu areas, as well as in the western Shikoku and Chugoku regions.
Kyushu Railway Co., which has canceled its shinkansen and other train services, plans to restart them Tuesday in areas where they have been confirmed to be safe to run.
West Japan Railway Co. also suspended its bullet train services between Hiroshima and Hakata on Sanyo Shinkansen, although some flights were canceled. According to Central Japan Railway Co., bullet train services at Tokaido Shinkansen were also briefly suspended due to heavy rain.
Numerous Kyushu department stores, supermarkets, and shops were temporarily closed.
Many people spent the night at evacuation shelters and hotels throughout Kyushu and the Okinawa Prefecture’s southern Japan Islands, waiting for the typhoon to pass.
The weather agency said as the typhoon passed, they observed the strongest gusts on record at more than 30 locations. Gusts reaching a record of 213.84 kilometers per hour were reported in the early hours of Monday in the Nomozaki district of the city of Nagasaki.
Rainfall of up to 88 mm per hour was reported on Fukue Island in the Prefecture.
From 24 h to 6 p.m. On Tuesday, rainfall of up to 150 mm was predicted for central Japan’s Tokai district, and 100 mm for the Kanto-Koshin district including Tokyo.

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