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Today Samia Hassan marks 100 days as the president of Tanzania.

Today Samia Hassan marks 100 days as the president of Tanzania.

She is the first female president of Tanzania since Independence.

She come to power after the death of president Magufuli.

Since coming to office, she has been trying to repair ties with neighboring countries by visiting Kenya and Uganda.

She also signed an oil pipe line deal with the president of Uganda Y.K.Museveni that will facilitate the construction of pipe line transporting oil from Western parts of Uganda through Tanzania to the coast for export market.

This deal will employ thousands of people in both countries and also provide millions of dollars in revenue to both countries.

She also helped Tanzania join world health organization covax program intended to provide covid-19 vaccines to mostly developing countries in the world.

She also gave order for the people of Tanzania to start wearing marks in public inorder to reduce the rate of covid-19 infections.

She hasn’t changed economic model Left in place by former president Magufuli and investments have increased but it remains to be seen if she will continue with same model since it has been only a hundred days in office.

She still has a lot to do but so far so good and we wish her the best.


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