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Over 65 People Died in Lagos as Security Forces Opened Fire on Protesters

At least, more than 65 people died in Lagos as Nigerian security forces opened fire on hundreds of peaceful and unarmed demonstrators, according to unverified reports.

Rallies against police brutality persisted in spite of a 24-hour curfew imposed by the government earlier in the day.

According to DJ Switch, a prominent disc jockey, who broadcast live on Instagram from the scene, at least close to 100 people were injured.

Graphic scenes posted on social media showed demonstrators fleeing as security forces fired live rounds into the crowds.

Protesters have been seen trying to clear shrapnel from wounded protesters and failing to resuscitate a victim in one event.

Protesters holding bloodied Nigerian flags in other videos are seen pleading with security officials to allow victims to be treated by medics.

The protests railed against systematic brutality by Nigerian security forces, but they were met by violence in response.

The Nigerian army warned last week that it was prepared to step in against “subversive elements and troublemakers,” while police fired repeatedly at demonstrators across Nigeria. Protesters in Lagos and the capital, Abuja, were targeted by armed gangs.


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