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Nigerian EndSARS Movement Expanded with More Voice Across the Globe Calling to End Police Brutality

The demonstrations in Nigeria, which began on Wednesday, have expanded the course of ending police violence in the country to various parts with a increasing population both young and old, women and men.
The protesters were asking for abolish the Police Special Anti-Robbery Squad unit, an entity whose principal purpose hadn’t been appealed and more innocent people had been killed so far.
SARS operatives often have to conduct serious corrupt activities such as extortion of money and costly property from young Nigerians, whom they believe either acquired such properties through internet fraud, known as Yahoo Yahoo in Nigeria pidgin English.
However, SARS forces were disbanded by Nigerian police inspector-general on Saturday as the protest mounts to an all-time high, but protestors are now calling for reform and re-orientation of the entire Nigerian police force.
Despite the social grievances and the disbandment, killings by SARS have not ended, with over five people killed and many injured and arrested on Monday following police shots.
The protest has ignited many movements with celebrities such as Davido, Wizkid, Burna Boy among others engaging in protests, and political leaders, human-right organizations across the globe joining with the hashtag #EndSARS to make a stand against the killings.
According to Estarnaija, Policeman in Lagos has killed another protester among youth calling for a reform of the Nigeria Police.
A bullet hit the protestors when police dispersed peaceful demonstrators violently in Lagos’ Surulere. During the incident, the police also detained some of the demonstrators.
This increases the number of peaceful demonstrators killed since the protest began on Wednesday.
President Muhammadu Buhari had previously promised officers who were high-handed in the performance of his duties while addressing the Nigerian youth.
He recognized that the police had carried out extrajudicial activities and murdered innocent Nigerians.
The President has said that the disbanding of the police’s Special Anti-Robbery Squad unit was the first step in police reform.


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