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Nigeria At 60: Citizen Marked Celebration with Nationwide Protest

Only the public officials celebrated Nigeria 60 years of Independent as the citizen marked the celebration with a nationwide protest in demand for restructuring and good governance since the leaders have continued to struggle on expectations.
Despite its enormous natural and human resources, Nigeria has been dominated and prevented from living up to its prospects by prolonged cases of weak political governance, abject poverty, pitiful electricity infrastructure, senseless deaths from bad roads, and ill-equipped hospitals, as well as incessant security challenges.
People have grown tired and frustrated throughout their provinces, states, villages, and homes about how poorly the nation is performing in key socio-economic benchmarks under the government that has during political manifestos promise heaven and earth.

Protesters At US Embassy In Abuja
Protesters At US Embassy In Abuja, Nigeria’s Capital|Credit: Sahara Reports

The biggest issue afflicting the nation at present is widespread insecurity.
The nation has been locked in a grinding war with Boko Haram Islamic terrorist group for more than a decade. On the eve of this Independence anniversary, after an ambush by insurgents, some 30 security men and civilian officials of the Borno State government were killed, marking the occurrence the second in a week.
For decades, the economy has been in agony fluctuating from recession to recession as a result of poor governmental policies, induced by lamentably slow growth and the persistently high unemployment rate among the teaming younger population which was supposed to serve as a winning tool in the world market.
Protesters In Lagos, |Credit: Sahara Reporters
Protesters In Lagos, |Credit: Sahara Reporters

On a scale unprecedented, this has brought suffering. Nigeria, at 60, is heading towards a greater dividing line than ever.
Researchers at the World Data Lab labeled the country as the poor capital of the world meaning that Nigeria has the largest number of people living in extreme poverty at about 105 million, which is equivalent to half the county’s population.
Today, Nigerians have sunk to the brink of poverty, surviving on less than $1.90 a day according to the World Bank.
Nigeria seems to have struggled more at 60 than it has actually achieved.


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