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Lockdown Looms in South Korea After a Record Rise in The Numbers of Covid-19 Cases

On Tuesday South Korea reported 1078 new covid-19 cases which is the highest since the pandemic broke out bringing the total number of people with covid-19 to 45442 and 612 death.

After being praised by world health organization for having put covid-19 under control, a new rise in cases put a lot of questions on what may have gone wrong.

South Korea recorded a record number of coronavirus deaths on Thursday as the country’s largest outbreak of infections since the start of the pandemic strained hospital services and triggered panic buying in expectation of a brutal new lockdown.

As of midnight on Wednesday, the coronavirus had taken another 22 lives dramatically up from a previous high of 13 deaths in a single day earlier in the week, announced the Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency (KDCA).

After infections spiked in Seoul and nearby areas, deaths were predicted to escalate, with another 1,014 cases recorded on Thursday, including a daily record of 423 in the heavily populated capital city.

The problem has not been stopped by stricter social distancing laws and the government has warned that it will have to enforce tougher limits on business operations, although it insists the change would only be a last resort.

In expectation of the city being shut down for the first time to halt the transmission of the outbreak, many citizens of Seoul have begun stocking up on food and other vital resources.

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