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Iran Warns U.S. and Israel Not To Cross Red Lines in Gulf after Reports of Submarine Deployment

Iran Warns U.S. and Israel Not To Cross Red Lines in Gulf
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Tehran said on Monday that it will defend itself, warning the U.S. and Isreal against setting out on any “adventures” during the Trump administration’s final days in office as regional tensions increase.

The U.S. Navy said a week ago that a nuclear submarine was being deployed to the gulf, also Israeli media later reported that an Israeli submarine has crossed the Suez Canal and was headed for the gulf.

The report for Isreal deployed of a submarine wasn’t officially confirmed but Iran on Monday warned by reminding all players in the region that it has laid down limits for encroachment on its national security.

“Everybody knows what the Persian gulf means to Iran and what policy Iran pursues about its national interests and security, they are aware of the risks of crossing Iran’s red lines”, Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh told reporters.

Iran accused Isreal of myriad anti-Iran operations including the assassination of senior Iranian nuclear scientist Moshen Fakharizadeh.

He said Iran has sent the message to the US administration and friends in the region warning the US current administration not to embark on a new adventure in its final days at White House.

He added that Iran wasn’t seeking to increase tensions and called for rational people in Washington to do the same until President-elect Joe Biden is inaugurated.

A few days ago US administration accused Iran of being behind a rocket attack on the US embassy in Iraqi as Trump promised serious punishment if any US citizen is killed.

Trump has been doing all kinds of strange things as he plans to leave office on January the 20th including putting more sanctions on Iran and other policies that will make it hard for the incoming Joe Biden administration to return to Iran’s nuclear deal.

Fears have been mounting that the outgoing US administration and Isreal may decide to carry out airstrikes against Iran’s nuclear sites which can result into a regional war.


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