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India on Wednesday Successfully Test-fired a Medium-range Surface to Air Missile (MRSAM)

India on Wednesday Successfully Test-fired a Medium-range Surface to Air Missile (MRSAM)
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The missile was fired from a ground mobile launcher at the launch pad number 1 of integrated test range at 3:55pm and it hit the target with accuracy according to some sources.

The MRSAM has been manufactured by Bharat Dynamics Ltd.

The entire mission trajectory from the launch to plunging into the sea was monitored by various radars and electro optico instruments.

More than 8100 people residing within 2.5 km radius of the launch pad to the nearest shelter centers on Wednesday morning were temporarily evacuated.

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Yosam Mukundane Is a political and socio-economic policy analyst at Forsige and a reporter covering Africa and Asia from Uganda.

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